Dr Oz: How To Perform Infant CPR & Benefits Of Drinking Greek Coffee


Dr Oz Recap April 23 2013

Dr. Oz started his show today by revealing the super-power drink that fights heart disease and helps you live longer! Learn the other health benefits of Greek coffee and how you can make a perfect cup of boiled Greek coffee right at home! Dr. Oz then shared tips to save you money at the drugstore as well the health gadgets that could change your life! Meet the two young boys who bravely helped save a baby’s life because they knew how to perform CPR!

Dr Oz: Brewed vs Boiled Coffee & How Much Caffeine Is In Greek Coffee?

Are you a coffee drinker? If so, you will love what Dr. Oz and Chris Kilham shared about the drink that fights heart disease! Greek coffee has been around for thousands of years and it actually has less caffeine than American coffee while providing added health benefits in every cup. Keep reading to find out what makes Greek coffee so special!

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