Dr Oz: Is Your Water Causing Cancer? Water Safety & Filters


Dr Oz Water Filters

Dr Oz’s show on July 12, 2011 is called “Is Your Water Causing Cancer?”  Doctor Oz did a Tap Water Test in nineteen different kitchens across America including cities like Houston, Salt Lake City, Pensacola, Pittsburgh, Wichita Falls, Omaha and Riverside, California.  The Water Testing Kits were sent to Suburban Water Labs and the chemicals found in the water samples were revealed.  Some of the dangerous chemicals found included Chromium-6, Lead, Arsenic and Perchlorate.  Chromium-6 is already known to cause Cancer when you are exposed to it through the air you breathe, but the latest research shows that it is likely to also cause Cancer through water as well.  Nobody likes the sound of having Lead and Arsenic in their water supply, but even worse is the fact that these chemicals can cause Liver Cancer, Paralysis, Nerve Damage and Bladder Cancer.  You can get more information from the Safe Drinking Water Information System by entering your zip code into the tool at the end of this article: Dr Oz Water Safety.

Dr Oz: PUR, Clear20 & Culligan

Doctor Oz also did a segment on the best way to clean your water.  Is bottled water the best option?  Or should you opt Dr Oz Water Safetyfor Filtered Water?  It turns out that one quarter of bottled water is actually just tap water, so how can you know if your bottled water has Chromium-6 in it or not?  Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing.  So the best option is to filter your own tap water.  Dr Oz covered various types of water filters and methods for cleaning your water.  Click here for a complete recap of what he said: Dr Oz Water Filter Review.

Dr Oz: Canker Sores

Dr Oz also spoke about Canker Sore Remedies and what causes them in the first place.  Some of the things that can cause Canker Sores include tomato juice or acidic foods, a lack of iron, B-12 or folic acid in your body, and / or toothpaste (especially the ones that contain SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  But definitely read the full recap in the link above to see what Doctor Oz suggested as fabulous natural remedies for Canker Sores.



  1. Joe says

    Does anybody know a good water filter (the pitcher sort) for well water? I’m now using Brita but I heard it’s not that good for well water.

  2. Shannon Macri-Meriden,ct says

    I’ve been drinking tap water my whole life and never have used a filter. Just as many people that drink bottled or filtered water have cancer also.
    Sometimes Oz’s show plays on the fears of people.
    Paranoid people love his show. lol
    The average person does many more things to their bodies that can give them cancer more than drinking tap water.
    Smoking,Drinking,Drugs,Stress and Pollution. It’s all around us.

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