Dr Oz: Japan Radiation, Cell Phone Radiation & Diet Soda Causes Strokes


Dr Oz News Headlines

Dr Oz: The Truth Behind The Headlines

Dr Oz’s show on March 30, 2011 is called The Truth Behind The Headlines.  Are the latest things in the news a true health risk or just a hype?  What does the Radiation Danger in Japan mean?  Can radiation travel all the way to the US and effect us?  Also, Doctor Oz will talk about a new reason that women do not need to get a Hysterectomy (click here to read a recap of the last segment where Dr Oz said that Hysterectomies are the #1 surgery that you do not need: Dr Oz Hysterectomy).  Other news stories to be covered include Cell Phone Radiation and whether or not Diet Soda Causes Strokes.  Sounds like an hour packed with information that will be truly applicable to everyone’s life.


  1. Laurie York says

    Eight years ago I used a Sprint cell phone for 30-60 minutes at a time. The cell phone use to get warm, actually hot on my ear. Two years later I was told I had a acustic Neuroma and after surgery was left deaf on that side. I have always contributed the tumor to the cell phone!

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