Dr Oz July 2012 Highlights: 200 Calorie Snack Recipes & Kitchen Gadgets

By on July 7, 2012

Dr Oz July 2012

Dr Oz July 2012 shows featured a variety of snack and treat recipes, along with some favorite natural remedies and even bath treatments that can improve your health. Did you miss any shows this week? Here’s a look at some of the Dr Oz July 2012 highlights from recent episodes.

Dr Oz Snack Attack: 200 Calorie Recipes

200 Calorie Snacks: Dr Oz July 2012

Dr Oz July 2012 highlights included 200 calorie Snack Attack recipes like the Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadilla.

Dr Oz went recipe crazy with his Snack Attack episode this week. Did you catch his suggestions and tasty treats? There were plenty to choose from, like healthier Onion Rings, the Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadilla, and even a Prosciutto Power Plate. Plus, Gail Simmons made a sinful (but Dr Oz approved) 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert Recipe. Your Pinterest board won’t be complete without it.

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Dr Oz invited alternative medicine guru Dr Joe Mercola to share his controversial perspectives. They discussed whether it’s safe to get Vitamin D from Tanning Beds, if you should trust your doctor, and more. Dr Mercola also offered his list of Drugs You Should Never Take, and he discussed his proposed alternatives to those medications. Was one of your prescriptions on his list?

Dr Oz Kitchen Gadgets: Fat Magnet & Dip Clip

Did you ever think that the tools you’re using in your kitchen could have an impact on the foods you make, as well as their health values?Dr Oz shared his kitchen gadget reviews for items such as Dip Clips, the Fat Magnet, and Bluapple Packets. Investments like these help you stay in a healthy frame of mind and keep your snacking under control.

Dr Oz: Beer Bath & Cellulite Seaweed Remedies

Most people do this to relax or get clean. But did you know that taking a bath is an opportunity to get healthy? Dr Oz shared some natural remedies you can add to your bathwater to help improve symptoms associated with conditions including Cellulite, Psoriasis, and even Arthritis? You’ll never look at your bathtub the same way again.

Dr Oz A to Z Health Guide & Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

How do you know whether your symptoms are normal or if they’re a sign of something more serious, like Diverticulitis or Alzheimer’s Disease? Dr Oz shared his A to Z health guide, including the benefits of natural remedies such as N-A-C. Plus, you have to save Dr Oz’s Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe for the next time you have a cold.

Dr Oz Recaps: July 2-6 2012

Did you miss an episode this week? Here’s a look back at Dr Oz episodes from July 2-6 2012.

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  1. tammy ransford says:

    I love your show and watch it all the time .. i have lost weight from watching your show .. how do i get the fee lunch box so i cant take my lunch to work with all your awesome ricepes so that i may share with my co workers !!

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