Dr Oz June 2012 Highlights: Miracle Anti-Aging Pill & Veggie Pad Thai

By on June 23, 2012

Dr Oz June 2012

Dr Oz Fans got to learn about a lot of new promising nutritional ideas, supplements, and weight loss plans o his show this week. Dr Oz also took an in depth look at the topic of Ovarian Cancer, which is often called the Silent Killer because of its subtle symptoms. If you missed any of his shows this week, now is your chance to catch up on some of the most popular segments.

L-Carnosine: Miracle Anti-Aging Pill Prevents Dementia

Dr Oz June 2012: Miracle Anti-Aging Pill

Dr Oz highlights of the week included the Miracle Anti-Aging Pill and a Gluten Free Veggie Pad Thai Recipe.

Dr Oz’s favorite supplement this week was the L-Carnosine Supplement, which he said is a miracle pill to fight and reverse the effects of aging. If you’re worried about your appearance, or don’t feel like you have the energy, vibrance and vitality you used to, you’re not alone. He explained that Carnosine is a natural chemical in our bodies that depletes as we age. Dr Oz added that you can start benefiting from L-Carnosine as early as age 30. It reverses wrinkles and even prevents some early Dementia symptoms.

Gluten Free Veggie Pad Thai Recipe

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a co-host on The View, but she came to Dr Oz’s show to talk about a serious health problem that’s affected her throughout life. She has Celiac Disease, which is a Gluten intolerance. This meant she had to dramatically alter her diet, but she didn’t let that discourage her. Instead, she wrote a cookbook, Deliciously G-Free. She even shared her Gluten Free Veggie Pad Thai Recipe with Dr Oz, who really seemed to like it.

Ovarian Cancer Test & Symptoms

Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer affecting countless women. It’s becoming a leading cause of death, because it often goes undetected until it’s too late. Dr Oz shared the Ovarian Cancer signs and symptoms on his show, along with the Ovarian Cancer tests you can ask your doctor about. If it’s found early on, it is very treatable, so tell every woman you care about to learn the warning signs.

Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe & Cellulite Caffeine Cream Review

You don’t have to go broke fighting Cellulite, but Dr Oz said there’s a fundamental concept you have to understand to be successful: Cellulite is a skin issue, not a fat issue. That’s why he shared an at home Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe and the benefits of other affordable & effective treatments, like Cellulite Caffeine Cream.

Ayurvedic Meal Plans for Your Body Type

Dr Oz highlighted the benefits of the Ayurvedic Diet on his show, including customized meal plans for each of the diet’s three body types. Did you take the test and find out if you are an Kapha, Vata or Pitta? Dr Oz explained how foods affect the different body types differently, and noted that what works for one type may not have the same effect on someone else. Could this be the key to your family weight loss  issues?

Dr Oz June 18-22 2012 Recaps

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