Dr Oz June 2012 Highlights: Miracle Berry Diet & Fat Busting Brownie

By on June 30, 2012

Dr Oz June 2012

Did you miss any of Dr Oz’s great shows this week? Now is your chance to catch up, with a look back at the week’s most popular segments. Get the scoop on the Miracle Berry Diet, make Dr Oz’s Fat Busting Brownies, and find out how to watch out for Stomach Parasites with this week’s highlights.

Miracle Berry Diet: Make Sour Foods Taste Sweet

Dr Oz June 2012: Miracle Berry Diet

Dr Oz highlights included the Miracle Berry Diet, which makes sour foods taste sweet, and a Fat Busting Brownie recipe.

Diet and nutrition experts often talk to Dr Oz about the need to reprogram your brain to crave healthier foods. But did you know there’s actually a way you can do this using a natural African berry? Dr Oz explored the benefits of the Miracle Berry Diet and talked about whether you should try the Miracle Berries themselves or find them in Miracle Berry Tablets instead. Either way, they could dramatically change your taste buds for good.

Energy Drinks Vs Coffee Caffeine & Sugar Content

Dr Oz shared the shocking truth about energy drinks. Did you know that this huge industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, because it relies on natural supplement ingredients that aren’t subject to its oversight? Do you really know what you’re getting in your favorite energy drink? Dr Oz talked about the sugar and caffeine content in energy drinks. He also offered up his Healthy Alternative Energy Drink Recipes if you’re looking to make a switch.

Natural Pain Remedies: Arniflora Arnica Gel, White Willow Bark & Posture Pillow

Dr Oz committed to helping you find new ways to manage your chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other common complaints. He shared how natural solutions can help give you relief without you needing to rely on the drugs in your medicine cabinet. Even your pillow could be helping you feel better and be in less pain. You can shop for Arniflora Arnica Gel, White Willow Bark, and the Posture Pillow online.

Fat Busting Brownie Recipe

Dr Oz shared his diet meal plan to help you shrink your butt on the show. The best part of all was that he prescribed two brownies a day to help you accomplish this goal. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You have to try out Dr Oz’s Fat Busting Brownie Recipe for yourself to believe it.

Stomach Parasite Symptoms & Solutions

Dr Oz spent time this week discussing the alarming facts about Stomach Parasites, which can live inside you for years without you even realizing it. Learn the symptoms you should look for so you can ask your doctor if something is going on internally. Dr Oz also highlighted the Stomach Parasite Natural Remedies you can try to work them out of your system.

Dr Oz June 25-29 2012 Recaps

In case you missed it, here’s a look back at the rest of Dr Oz’s episodes and recaps from the week.

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