Dr Oz June 2012 Highlights: Miracle Fat Burning Oil & Y Lift Cost

By on June 16, 2012

Dr Oz June 2012: Miracle Fat Burning Oil

You always know you’re going to learn something new from Dr Oz, and this week he featured a lot of creative approaches to some of his favorite topics, like weight loss and anti-aging. Here are the five most popular Dr Oz segments from the week of June 11-15 2012, including the Miracle Fat Burning Oil and Y Lift Cost.

Y Lift Facelift Cost & Review

Miracle Fat Burning Oil: Dr Oz June 2012

Who says you have to starve to lose weight? Dr Oz featured the Miracle Fat Burning Oil and Volkornbrot Bread for Carb Addicts.

The older we get, the younger we want to look. It’s an eternal beauty paradox, and for decades, getting the job done has eventually meant making the decision to go under the knife. But some people aren’t ready to commit to surgery, and now there may be an incision-free alternative that’s just as effective. Dr Oz explored the Y Lift Facelift Cost & Review on his show this week, even having the procedure demonstrated on his stage. With the results featured on the show, would you try this alternative before going on the operating table?

Volkornbrot Bread for Carb Addicts

Carb Addicts rejoice. There are finally some foods you can turn to so you can satisfy your crunchy, doughy cravings without all the unwanted calories and pounds adding up. One of Dr Oz’s Carb Swaps from this week was Volkornbrot Bread, which is made from whole grains and has a lower glycemic index than regular bread. Are you going to try this bread swap in your own diet?

Cold Pressed Rice Bran Oil Fat Burner

It’s the Miracle Fat Burning Oil that Dr Oz’s fans can’t seem to get enough of. If you’re looking for a lighter way to prepare meals at home for your family, Dr Oz recommended Cold Pressed Rice Bran Oil this week. It’s even lighter than Olive Oil, and Dr Oz had one woman use it to make Rice Bran Oil Chocolate Cake, which even Dr Oz loved.

Dr Oz Booster Foods

Dr Mike Dow understands how we think about dieting, and that’s why he took a fresh approach to one of the most talked about topics in the world. He thought about it from a creative angle, coming up with Diet Rehab and sharing a 28-day plan to retrain your brain’s cravings. He shared a list of Booster Foods you can stock in your kitchen that will help your brain and body make the healthy switch and crave what’s good for you. Have you tried the plan at home yet? This weekend is the perfect time to try making the Diet Rehab Booster Pizza Recipe.

Dr Oz Thinspiration Pro-Ana Website Controversy

Anorexia was another hot topic this week on Dr Oz, which featured voices from both sides of the debate. Two young women even defended their Anorexia and said they feel they have their weight and body image under control. Plus, Dr Oz confronted the man behind Pretty Thin, the online hub at the center of the Thinspiration Pro-Ana Website Controversy. Do you think this man is out to help women keep their compulsions in check, or is he simply making money off of people’s addictions?

Dr Oz June 11-15 2012 Recaps

For more information on this week’s shows, here are the recaps for each episode.

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