Dr Oz: Kitchen Gadgets, Arnica Gel & Chromium Picolinate


Dr Oz: Chromium Picolinate

Dr Oz’s Show on June 17 2011 is called The Best Time Of Day To Lose Weight.  Doctor Oz will be joined by Dr Melina Jampolis to talk about how to break your addiction to sugar and fat.  One of my favorite tips that she offers is to take 1000 mg of Chromium Picolinate daily to help ween yourself off of sugar, because the Chromium Picolinate helps the Insulin in your body to work better.  She also will speak about things that Dr Oz has mentioned in the past, such as cutting out transfats from your diet and limiting the amount of red meat that you eat.

Dr Oz: Arnica Gel

Doctor Oz’s show will also include a segment on using Arnica Gel as a natural remedy to heal bruises.  I have numerous friends who swear by the Dr Oz Kitchen Gadgetshealing powers of Arnica Gel, but I love the idea to use it to heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well (which I think I might be getting from typing up all of these Dr Oz Recaps!!!).  Click here for the full summary of this segment: Dr Oz Arnica.

Dr Oz: Twist ‘n Sparkle & Zoku Quick Pop

Dr Oz’s Kitchen Gadget segments are always among my favorites!  He will introduce everyone to four fabulous products for your kitchen: the Grant Howard Press and Measure Oil Dispenser, the Twist ‘N Sparkle Carbonator, the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and the Presto Powerpop Microwave Multi-Popper.  Click here to read more about these items: Dr Oz Kitchen Gadgets.  Which of these Kitchen Gadgets is your favorite?  Please leave your answer in the comment section below!  Lets take a poll and see which item interests everyone the most, and then I will have to see about doing a giveaway of the item for our readers!


  1. EC says

    I think there is a typo in the Chromium Picolinate post. Should be 1000mcg and even that I think is a lot to be taking…

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