Dr Oz: LDL Cholesterol Health Risks & Tips to Prevent a Migraine


Dr Oz Recap September 18 2013

Dr. Oz packed a lot of helpful information into his show today, including foods that lower LDL cholesterol and Psoriasis symptoms to watch out for on your skin. Also, find out what over-the-counter medicine is best for migraines and learn a trick to find your natural waistline and find the right jeans for your body. Finally, an important health warning for spandex shapewear and how to find it in the right size without harming your body.

Dr Oz: LDL Cholesterol-Lowering Foods & What is LDL Cholesterol?

Dr. Oz invited Cedric the Entertainer to talk about his recent weight loss and how it helped to lower his LDL cholesterol. Learn the ideal number for your LDL cholesterol and which foods are best to help you get there! Also, an easy cholesterol blood test is performed on Dr. Oz’s stage!

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