Dr Oz: Liquid Lash Extensions, No!No! Hair Removal & Irvingia

Dr Oz: Breakthrough Fixes For Every Woman Over 40

Dr Oz’s show on May 27 2011 is called Breakthrough Fixes For Every Woman Over 40.  Doctor Oz is presenting us with the latest and greatest tools for memory loss (Turmeric with Pepper), Weight Gain (Irvingia), unwanted hair (the No! No! Hair Removal Device), eye makeup (Liquid Lash Extensions), and incontinence (Sling Procedure).  This should be an information-rich episode!  Don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com later on May 27th for a full recap of everything that Dr Oz talks about on this show, but for those who just can’t wait (like me!), here are some short reviews of these Breakthrough Fixes based on my research!

Dr Oz: Sling Procedure for Incontinence

Incontinence is something that nearly 50% of women over 40 will develop to some degree.  However, many of us are too embarrassed to bring up this Dr Oz Women Over 40 Breakthrough Fixestopic with our doctors – but we should not be!  There is a new procedure called the Sling Procedure which takes only 15 minutes and it creates a sling that keeps urine from leaking out of your urethra.  And the best news of all – Sling Procedures are often covered by your health insurance company, so this is definitely something that all women with Incontinence should talk to their doctor and insurance company about!

Dr Oz: Liquid Lash Extensions

One of the best ways to keep your face looking young is by making your eyes “pop” and really stand out.  There is a great new product called Liquid Lash Extensions which is almost like having a bottle of fake eyelashes.  You put on a regular layer of mascara, and then apply a coat of the Liquid Lash Extenders which fills in empty spaces with extra fibers to make your lashes look long, full and gorgeous!

Dr Oz: No! No! Hair Removal Device

Many women, especially those over 40, have hair growing in unwanted places.  There is a device called the No!No! Hair Removal Device that uses Thermicon, which is a brand new technology that uses heat, to remove your unwanted hair.  Apparently, you can even use the No! No! Hair Removal Device on your face, so it must be pretty gentle.  After using it for about 6 months, the hair follicle gets killed and never grows back.  It sounds like it takes a bit longer than Laser Hair Removal to get results, but at only $200 it is hard to beat!

Dr Oz: Infrared Heat Massager

If you want to boost the blood flow to “special areas” like many women in their 40’s, you should consider using an Infrared Heat Massager. And when you are not using it for this purpose, you can use it on the other muscles in your body as well!

Dr Oz: Irvingia for Weight Gain

As your hormones fluctuate in your 40’s, women often start to gain weight in their belly.  It has been shown that taking 150 mg of Irvingia, an African Mango Seed Extract, two times a day, you can decrease the size of your waist!

Dr Oz: Turmeric & Pepper for Memory Loss

Memory Loss is another problem that women in their 40’s often run into.  Dr Oz has mentioned before that Turmeric is a great Memory Booster, but apparently it is not very easy to absorb it into your body.  So by taking Turmeric along with pepper, your body is actually able to absorb the Turmeric 2,000 times better!


  1. DJ says

    where can I purchase the lash extentions and the irvingia, our local health food stores do not carry it and online I see it but it looks like diet scam sites

  2. Julia K. says

    I’m also looking to know where we can buy the liquid lash extension. Does anyone know the exact name of the product? I couldn’t find it on hsn either…

  3. Carol says

    What is the name brand of liquid extension? i.e. Cover Girl, Revlon etc and where can you purchase it? You should have mentioned this.

  4. Wanda DeSimone says

    how much Magnesium must I take to Increase my Metabolism?
    I have alot of weight gain and hair loss; however, my thyroid was normal.

  5. Ganny says

    Help! Where can I get the Liquid eyelash extensions?????? I’ve looked everywhere.

  6. gabriela sandor says

    DR. you should post where the liquid lash extension are available for purchase especially that i and many others are interested in geting it

  7. jinny borke says

    Loved the show but like so many others where do I purchase liquid lash extensions? Sounds fabulous

  8. Julia K. says

    Thank you Dr Oz Fans for letting us know where to purchase the lash extender!!

  9. Suzanne says

    The Talika brand liquid lash extesions looks different then the one they had on the show. Is that the right product?

  10. denise contrael says

    Where is the liquid lash extensions found you mentioned $18.00 on the show and who makes the product?

  11. Audra Kay says

    Where Can I purchase the liquid lash extensions, surfed the net and could not find product demonstrated on your show.?

  12. Loulou says

    I’m still waiting for the ctual lash extension mentioned on the show….company name and where I can purchase in Canada

  13. says

    To clear up a few things… Dr Oz very rarely says the brands of the actual products that he shows on his television show, but these are links to what seem like very similar products at the least. I think the bottle of Liquid Lash Extensions looked almost identical to the one below.

    Liquid Lash Extender

    Irvingia Capsules

    No!No! Hair Removal Device

    Infrared Heat Massager … or this one looks like it does similar things but costs much less: Infrared Hand Held Massager

    Turmeric & Black Pepper Supplements

    Hope this helps everyone!

  14. Suzanne says

    Hurry and order the lash extensions. The price keeps going up. The price has gone up $4 since the show aired 3 hours ago. Very frustrating!

  15. Danny says

    Is there a Place in Jackson,Ms. where I can buy No No hair removal device. Thanks

  16. ann says

    ive used the liquied lash extensions before and if u wear contacts i advise against using this. the tiny hairs/fibres eventualy find their way into your eyes and contacts

  17. Linda says

    Thank everyone for providing the info….but that website for the lash extensions says $28.00 and while Dr.Oz did not mention the brand, he did publish the price and it said $18,00!!! Is it going up just because of the response from his show??? That’s terrible!

  18. Norma says

    I placed an order at Amazon for the lash extensions and on the day of delivery they cancelled saying it was out of stock and they are waiting for a shipment from France. They price has now gone up!! I’m not in a hurry, I think I’m going to wait. With all this excitement I am hoping a U.S company will start making it 🙂

  19. Summer says

    In the interest of honesty and his reputation, Dr. Oz should not back products unless he knows they work, or at least he should do a follow-up show to reveal whether a product works as advertised. It has become clear to most folks who have used No!No! for hair removal that the product does NOT, in fact, work as advertised (read review on Amazon, for starters). He should have asked the person on whom he tried the product on his show (and to whom he gave a free No!No!) to return on a later show to see whether the product worked for her. Otherwise, millions of fans will throw away LOTS of money because they trust Dr. Oz’s recommendations.

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