Dr Oz: Lisa Oz Foot Reflexology Map & Starving Surgeon Salad Recipe


Dr Oz Recap March 20 2013

Dr. Oz started this show with an important warning about what is really making you sick. You might think it is the flu, but could it really be a parasite? Find out what symptoms to look for as well as natural ways you can prevent a parasite infection. Dr. Oz was then joined by his wife Lisa who shared her favorite remedies for everything from constipation to back pain. Find out the one oil she believes everyone should have in their home right now!

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Swimmer’s Itch & Can Tick Bites Cause an Infection?

Dr. Oz and his guests shared the symptoms of some of the most common parasite infections. Could they be making you sick and you do not even know it? The signs can be subtle, but if you know what to look for, you could kill them and get them out of your body for good!


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