Dr Oz: Magnesium Incontinence Solution & Paleo Diet is Bad for You?


Dr Oz Recap March 24 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to Dr. Joel Fuhrman about how you can achieve permanent weight loss and never go on a diet again. Learn which foods to eat that will actually prevent fat from growing on your body! Next, find out which self-tests you can do at home to see how long you will live, including the Sitting-Rising Test to determine heart health and the Duchenne Smile Test. Also, learn a 30-second massage to relieve your stress. Finally, learn the best remedies for bad breath and incontinence and find out which beauty creams work just as good as Botox to improve the appearance of your skin! As a bonus, get the chair workout that Madonna created to help you tone your body in just 30 minutes a day!

Dr Oz: The End of Dieting Dr Joel Fuhrman + Permanent Weight Loss Tips

Dr Oz: Magnesium Incontinence Solution & Paleo Diet is Bad for You?

Dr Oz shared a Sitting Rising Test that reveals your heart health and determines how long you will live.


  1. Cheryl Livingston says

    So where is the recap of the Magnesium Incontinence Solution. It was not on your website.

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