Dr Oz: The May Diet Snack Ideas & Nettle Tea Detoxifies and Energizes


Dr Oz Recap April 30 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by revealing The May Diet, which promises to help you lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day and have you on your way to being swimsuit-ready before summer arrives. Next, Dr. Oz offers remedies to prevent and treat the painful symptoms caused by gas and bloating, including a Magnesium Nightcap before bed. Also, get the 3-step plan to figure out what is really causing your chronic pain and the exercises to stop your suffering once and for all! Finally, Dr. Oz talks to a dermatologist who reveals the biggest moisturizing mistakes women are making with their skin and offers solutions to do it right for fresher, younger-looking skin!

Dr Oz: The May Diet 80/20 Rule & Snack Ideas

Dr Oz The May Diet Snack Ideas

Dr Oz reveals his all-new May Diet to help you lose 10 pounds in a month. Plus, May Diet snack ideas.


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