Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Sugary Drink Ban & Whole Foods GMO Labeling


Dr Oz Recap March 26 2013

Dr. Oz sat down with Mayor Bloomberg to discuss his initiative to ban large sugary drinks in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg explained why he feels it is important as well as how he feels about being accused of creating a “Nanny State.” Dr. Oz then turned his attention to energy drinks and the risk they pose, especially to children. The amount of caffeine and sugar in just one can will shock you! Find out what big news Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb shared with Dr. Oz and his audience about their mandatory GMO labeling!

Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Large Sugary Drink Ban & What Is a Nanny State?

Dr. Oz talked to Mayor Bloomberg about his controversial plan to ban large sugary drinks in the restaurants and movie theaters of New York City. Some believe he has gone too far, but the mayor believes it his duty to improve the health of the people he serves. Keep reading to find out what Dr. Oz thinks about the drink ban!

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