Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana: Is It Time To Make It Legal?


Dr Oz Medical Marijuana

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana & Montel Williams

Doctor Oz is going to do a show called Medical Marijuana: Is It Time To Make It Legal? on March 29 2011.  Montel Williams is going to be on the Dr Oz Show and was quoted as saying “how dare you look me in the face and tell me I don’t have the right to live pain free?”  But with all stories, there are two sides and pros and cons to legalizing Medical Marijuana.


  1. Bob Davis says

    I have been a long time user of marijuana,starting out as recreational then as I got to my golden years and the aches and pains set in I use it more so to deal with the uncomfortableness in my lower back from multable back surgeries. I dont understand were our elected officials can get off telling us were an what we can do to help ourselves deal with our daily well being.My understanding was that marijuana was a natural plant being here longer than any of us and used through out the years to deal with pain . So who are we to question.

  2. Wendy Rappaport says

    I watched your program today on medical marijuana with great interest. I have inflammatory arthritis, glaucoma and serious TMJ inhanced by my arthritis. My pain is constant and has been for years. It’s recently increased because I’ve reduced my narcotic pain medicatiions in an effort to eventually stop them completely. The problem is that my pain level will only increase as I reduce the medication. I’m hopeful that Minnesota will legalize medical marijuana soon and do so without the severe restrictions New Jersey has implemented.

  3. punazon says

    I am a retired ff/paramedic that saw way too much addiction problems with prescription drugs in my 10 yrs on the ambulance. so when I got injured on the job and now deal with chronic pain secondary to multiple spinal injuries I was scared to death I would become one of the addicted ones. so I tried medical mj. not only does it relax the muscles and reduce my muscle spasms/cramping, it helps me to stretch out the affected areas after smoking. my partner is happy cause I am no longer on the couch a drooling mess from muscle relaxants and vicodin. like montel, I am furious that the gov. stands in the way of my using it in states without medical mj. I feel like a criminal when I go to states without a law. I visit my family in minnesota and spend the entire time looking over my shoulder while trying to use my medicine. I live a full life now, thanks to our medical law here in hawaii. I cried and cried during montels portion, living with chronic pain is so debilitating emotionally as well as physically. people do not understand unless they have chronic pain themselves. thank you dr oz!!!!! you have been my medical guru since you were on oprah!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Lisa Ball says

    Thank you for addressing the important topic of medical marijuana. My Mother suffered for decades from Multiple Sclerosis until her slow and painful death 2 years ago. She was seen by outstanding neurologists who experimented with finding a drug cocktail that would provide some relief without creating negative side effects. It never succeeded.

    I’m saddened and angered that we still cannot get our loved ones some real help. Why did she have to suffer for so long? Please use your influence to help this country move toward compassion and away from irrational fears.

    On a side note, I much prefer the serious format of this show to the ones that use the contests and games. Thank you for educating a large audience so that we may all live healthier and happier lives.

  5. Debra says

    I have metal implants in my spine, my neck and my left arm. I also suffer from osteoporosis and have a synovial cyst in my lower spine that has made my left foot almost completely numb. I cannot have surgery on it because my back is too arthritic and my doctor doesn’t want to chance it. I have to use prescription meds (morphine and vicodin) just to get out of bed and to be able to move around. I can no longer work (age 52).
    I had my first surgery in 1998 (spinal fusion) and when I regained conciousness my right leg was completely paralyzed. After 1 month in the hospital and a rehab center I insisted on returning home. I had to use a walker to get around. I used marijuana almost immediately and while sitting on my sofa, I had the urge to stand up and change the station on my stereo, I stood up for the first time on my own since surgery. The first thought that came to mind was “what am I doing, I can’t walk” and I fell back on the sofa. That was proof enough to me that marijuana was what I needed to get my body back to normal. I was able to return to my job 6 months later and my surgeon had estimated that it would take 2 yrs to walk normally again. I continued to work another 10 yrs before I was forced to retire permanently on disability. If it had not been for my use of marijuana I would never have been able to have been a functioning productive member of society. Has anyone ever made that statement about using alcohol? Yet it is legal and socially acceptable.
    From what I have read, marijuana has been used for 3,000 yrs starting with the Chinese. How much more research is needed to prove that it is safe? I am convinced that the only reason it is illegal is because major pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars because they cannot patent a natural substance, so they lobby in Washington to spread lies about how “unsafe” it is.

  6. Beverly says

    Dr. Oz,
    Thank you for presenting this show on medical marijuana. It is very timely and a subject that should be addressed and resolved in favor of mm as quickly as possible.
    I agree with Debra who mentioned the fact that alcohol is legal, and certainly one of the most abused substances available. Also, her comment on the major pharmaceutical companies and the fact that they can’t patent a natural substance is so very true!
    I have high LDL etc. and was prescribed what I consider to be toxic drugs….statins, although I also know that for many people they work. I personally would much rather use a natural source like food, exercise and a little marijuana.

  7. Eric says

    I find it offensive that people are so wrapped up in social idealism that they would rather put people in jail than allow them to feel good. Cannabis has never hurt anyone much less kill anybody. STUDIES HAVE PROVEN THAT IT FIGHT CANCER AND TUMORS. IT DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS. IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FLOWER THAT GROWS ON A PLANT. Alcohol kills people EVERY SINGLE DAY. The only thing dangerous about cannabis is the black market we created by making it illegal. We are a nation of brainwashed saddists. There is no other explanation.

  8. Phillip Buotte says

    I watched the show with Montel Williams and I have been using Marijuana for recreation but then I noticed it also was good for nasea and pains that I had from pinched nerve in my leg. I went to doctors and Chryropratics (which were once considered false) The use of Marijuana helps me with pain. I’ve heard too many stories about certain legal prescriptions causing harm to liver and other important organs in the body. Marijuana has never caused these problems. Alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous to your health and has caused many family problems. As far as it leading to cocains or heroin use NOT SO. Does every beer drinker graduate to whiskey (Not So) It;s an individual choice or however you phrase it as to how it affects a person. Why do people want to stop others from getting the pain out of their body

  9. Judy says

    I agree with Montel that Medical Marijuana should be legalized to help those that suffer from pain get relief. The decision should be between the doctor and the patient. The doctors are giving too many prescriptions that are not even relieving the pain and the side effects are making them worse.

  10. Maggie says

    The largest single study in the world on the long term effects of marijuana can be found merely by looking at the Jamacian people. There are NO serious side effects ever documented. Their babies all turn out as normal as the rest of us! As with everything else it’s just about greed.

  11. says

    i have smoked marijuana for 38 years for severe muscle spasms from a spinal cord injury in july 1969.after pills and alcohol for 3 years i found marijuana relieved my spasms better than anything else without any adverse side effects.thank GOD for marijuana!

  12. Scott says

    I have bipolar disorder and have used Marijuana off and on for 10 years. I’m 50 years old. A very small amount…..one small puff…..brings me down from my mania and lifts me out of my depression….I don’t know why and I don’t care why, I just know that it does. The meds I have been on not only give me headaches and nausea but are also damaging my organs. Marijuana is a miracle drug for me. I’ve used it off and on because of the moral conflict I have with it because it is illegal.

  13. Redbony says

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  14. Charlette Thompson says

    Dear Dr. Oz,
    I have read many of your postings from other people wanting to leagilze marijuana. And also what Montel said to you. Well, I have one for you and for you to possibly pass on to Mr. Montel Williams. He may have the God Given Right to be pain free, but what about those of us that are allergic to that same product? I am allergic to it. I go into severe allergic reaction when around this substance. I am also allergic to aspirin which is derived from Willow Tree Bark, and I am allergic to that as well. So, according to Montel it is okay for him to be pain free but alright for me to possibly die because I DON’T have the God Given Right to have clean air to breathe. And just so Montel pulls this one, I have also served my country and am a Disabled Veteran. No one has even mentioned the fact that people might be allergic to this…let alone I also have asthma, so someone using this “medicinal” drug go effectivly kill me. It hurts that they are only worried about themselves. The pharmaceutical companies could make it in pill form.

  15. Concerned Mother says

    I watched the Dr. Oz show today regarding medical marijuana with Montel Williams. It is a controversial topic because of people like Montel that utilize this drug for the pain they are enduring. I do not want to tell people how they should live their own lives and know that there are many people struggling with severe medical issues. However, this drug is very addicting and does affect every individual differently. I am a mother of a daughter who struggles with some health issues and when she smoke this drug it intensifies her. She has been told not to allow herself to utilize this drug with her problems because of the affects of the combination of the two is very dangerous. I totally disagree with the fact that marijuana is not addicting and does not create an individual to react out of the norm. If nobody has heard of the “Diane Schuler” disaster then they should check out what happened when she smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. The end result is that she killed herself, 4 little girls in her vehicle, and also 3 innocent other drivers in a car crash. We all know that marijuana does have an affect on our decision making process. If there is no problem with smoking marijuana then why do we have so many programs designed to deal with an individual that uses a drug such as this one. I am a mother of a daughter with an addiction problem and she has made some very bad choices do to her drug use of this product. In order to apply at many employment opportunities today it is mandatory to take a drug test and often people do not get hired because of this problem. I wish that we could come up with a plan that will be fair for all who play a role in this situation.

  16. David says

    I wached the Very Powerful Medical Marijuana show a couple of weaks ago With Montel, It was relief, that those of us who are suffering,Have finaly got the chance to speak on a topic that, forbiddin in the eyes of the Law, and as well as culture reasons, I say that to say! the Rastafarian culture, They don’t say that ive noticed! But thats another story, lol! I Love the show Much respect. Medical Marijuan Patient,

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