Dr Oz Microwave Muffin, Fat Flushing Tea & 5 Minute Deep Freeze

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Dr Oz Microwave Muffin, Fat Flushing Tea & 5 Minute Deep Freeze

By on March 20, 2012

Dr Oz: March 20, 2012

The Dr Oz Show on March 20, 2012 is a repeat from last month, but it is well worth a second watch (or a first watch if you missed it the first time around!).  The topics he covered include a 4-Hour Body Book Review, a Fat Flushing Tea, a Maca Root Boost, Jorge Cruise’s Microwave Muffin Recipe and 300 Calorie Breakfast Recipes.

Dr Oz: Microwave Muffin Recipe

Jorge Cruise shared his Microwave Muffin Recipewith Dr Oz, which is a fascinating recipe because you literally can make a healthy muffin in under one minute.

Dr Oz Microwave Muffin

Dr Oz Microwave Muffin Recipe

You combine healthy ingredients including ground flax seed, baking powder, cinnamon, coconut oil, an egg and Stevia (though I personally would use Agave Nectar as my favorite sweetener).  Cruise also spoke about a healthy Lemon-Limeade Recipe that combines lemons, limes, fresh mint and Stevia… how refreshing does that sound? Perfect for after a workout or in the hot summer months that are quickly approaching.

Dr Oz: Fat Flushing Tea

Dr Oz did another segment on a Fat Flushing Tea called Yerba Mate, along with two other idea for how to jumpstart your health with three simple rules that you should always do within 30 minutes of waking up.  The first rule, surprising as it may seem, is to use full fat cream in your coffee rather than skim milk (which spikes your insulin levels!).  Shocking, right?  The second rule is to drink Yerba Mate Tea (also known as Fat Flushing Tea by Doctor Oz).  And the third rule is to eat Cassia Cinnamon (not to be confused with other types of cinnamon), which can be sprinkled on top of cottage cheese or in your tea or coffee.

Dr Oz: 4-Hour Body Review

The show today is actually called Dr Oz’s Jumpstart, because he gave so many tips on how to jumpstart your metabolism and health overall.  Tim Ferriss joined Dr Oz for the first segment where they discussed the popular 4-Hour Body book.  He gave some terrific metabolism boosting ideas like a 5 Minute Deep Freeze, a Kimchi Mood Boost, eating butter before bedtime (another big shocker!) and a critical morning stretch.

Dr Oz Jumpstart

Click on the links below to read a full recap of everything that Dr Oz discussed on his show on March 20, 2012:

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Comments to Dr Oz Microwave Muffin, Fat Flushing Tea & 5 Minute Deep Freeze

  1. Re: Microwave Muffins

    Sorry Dr. Oz, but yuck !!! This recipe is terrible !!! Still love ya though.

  2. Wanda Ortuno says:

    Dr. Oz, I’m not pregnant but I have mornings sickness every single morning, please help me, thank you very much. Wanda

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