Dr Oz: Multivitamin Buying Tips & Is A Colon Cleanse Healthy?


Dr Oz Recap July 22 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with his friend Dr. Andrew Weil to set the record straight on hot health topics that concern you the most. Learn what to look for when choosing a safe sunscreen for your family and get Dr. Weil’s summer weight loss tip that is easier than you might think. Next, Karl Romain joins Dr. Oz to demonstrate how Qigong helps reduce stress and anxiety so you can a better night’s sleep. Plus, Dr. Oz discusses a few health products that actually work and a few that are just a lot of hype, including a colon cleanse and caffeinated lotion. Finally, learn the best way to text so you can avoid long-term back problems and find out if you’re sensitivity to cold could actually be due to a condition called Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Dr Oz: Multivitamin Buying Tips & Dr Andrew Weil Weight Loss Tip

Dr Oz Colon Cleanse Hype

Dr Oz says colon cleanses are just hype because the digestive system does not need help to get rid of waste in the body.

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