Dr Oz: Natural Anti-Anxiety Solutions & Hotel & Health Insurance Scams


Dr Oz Recap March 18 2013

Dr. Oz exposed some of the biggest scams you need to know about! They could be putting your family at risk without you even realizing it and they include food potentially spoiling before it reaches store shelves and health insurance companies canceling your policy without a legitimate reason. Find out how you can arm yourself with information and prevent these types of scams from happening to you or someone you love. Do you travel a lot? If so, you will not want to miss the hotel secrets shared by Anthony Melchiorri as well as his hotel grading system!

Dr Oz Food Scams & What Is the Government Doing To Keep Our Food Safe?

Could the food you are buying at your grocery store be making you sick? See what an investigative reporter exposed when he looked into the way those foods are being shipped and how they are being handled on delivery trucks. They might be spoiled before they even reach the store! Find out what you can do to protect your family!

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