Dr Oz: Natural Gas Relief, Thyroid Disease Checklist + Pumpkin Recipes

By on January 1, 2014

Dr Oz January 1 2014

Happy New Year, Dr Oz Fans! Dr Oz showed us how to get natural gas relief or use fruit to remove a splinter on the January 1 show. Plus, he shared some pumpkin recipes to enjoy before the season is over and a Thyroid Disease Checklist you can rely on.

Dr Oz: What is Ashwagandha + Thyroid Disease Checklist

Dr Oz: Natural Gas Relief, Thyroid Disease Checklist + Pumpkin Recipes

Get natural gas relief with Dr Oz’s latest remedy, as featured on the January 1 episode: papaya!

Is your thyroid health at risk? Use the Thyroid Disease checklist to see how many symptoms you have. Then you can use natural remedies, such as Ashwagandha, to attempt to get it back in normal range without going on medication. Check out this advice:

Dr Oz: Thyroid Disease Symptom Checklist & Ashwagandha Supplement

Dr Oz: Healthy Ways to Fight Stress with Food

Sometimes we are guilty of using food to help us manage our stress. It is not always successful or healthy, until now. Dr Oz explained which foods you can eat that will make you naturally less inclined to become stressed, and how you can manage your cortisol levels just by what you eat.

Dr Oz: Zinc, Vitamin C & Stress-Fighting Foods Lower Cortisol Levels

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Book Review & There’s More To Life Than This

The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, is the author of a brand new book, There’s More To Life Than This. See what she had to say about her gift and what it has accomplished in her life. Do you follow her show or her abilities?

Dr Oz: There’s More to Life Than This Review & Long Island Medium

Dr Oz: Natural Gas Relief & How To Remove a Splinter

What is the best natural food you can eat to get relief from gas pain symptoms? Dr Oz is showing you the answers, and also which fruit can be used to help safely remove a splinter from your skin. You won’t believe it!

Dr Oz: Banana Peel Splinter Removal & Cayenne Pepper Back Pain Rub

Dr Oz: Healthy Pumpkin Baking Recipes

Though the season for everything pumpkin flavored is drawing to a close, it’s not too late to incorporate the favorite flavor into these Oz-approved recipes. You can make your favorite and savor the final faint tastes of fall as it gives way to winter:

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Raisin Cookies Recipe, Chia Pumpkin Muffins & Quinoa

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: January 1 2014

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