Dr Oz: Natural Immune System Boosters & Avocado Health Benefits


Dr Oz Recap July 15 2013

Dr. Oz devoted his show today to providing with solutions to boost your immune system naturally, the importance of sleep, learning Tai Chi moves and the power of sound therapy. He even revealed how one woman found relief from her migraine headaches using Crystal Sonic Therapy. Could it be the answer to help end your pain for good? Keep reading to learn more about this powerful therapy that offers remarkable healing benefits!

Dr Oz: Immune Invaders Weaken Immune System & How Important Is Sleep?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Susan Blum discussed the importance of a good night’s sleep to the health of your immune system. Dr. Blum revealed the outside invaders that cause your immune system to weaken, including the foods you are eating and toxins in the air. Answer her 4-question quiz to see if your immune system could be compromised!


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