Dr Oz: Nausea Pressure Point Technique & Black Currant Review


Dr Oz Recap December 4 2012

On today’s show, Dr. Oz shared his important must-have products to get you through the winter months and cold and flu season. Dr. Oz’s Cold and Flu Winter Rescue Rx included the very best way to stop a cold before it starts as well as the best way to treat a fever. Dr. Oz also shared some helpful shortcuts to help with various stomach problems, which included a recipe for his Baking Soda Cocktail and a Black Currant review. He also shared a few secrets to help you cheat your way to lower blood pressure and improve dental hygiene routine. Possibly the best cheat that was shared came when Dr. Oz welcome Todd Wilbur to the show and he revealed his recipe for Cheating Domino’s Cheese Pizza.

Dr Oz’s Cold & Flu Rescue: Black Currant Review

Dr. Oz filled up a must-have kit for you to get through this cold and flu season and keep your family healthy. From the best way to soothe a sore throat to determining what type of cough you are experiencing, he outlined everything you need to know for these virus-filled winter months.

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