Dr Oz: New Heart Disease Risk Factors For Women & Star Jones

Dr Oz’s Show on New Heart Disease Risk Factors will air on Wednesday March 16, 2011.  Is this the year that you die from a heart attack or the year that you prevent one?  Why have doctors missed out on all of Doctor Oz’s Heart Disease Risk Factors?  Also, Star Jones will speak out about her heart condition that nobody every talks about.  Star Jones had an Aortic Valve repaired less than a year ago, and women will die from this if they do not pay attention.  Visit wellbuzz.com March 16, 2011 for a full recap of this episode, but for now, this is what I was able to dig up for all of us.  UPDATE: here are links to the recaps:

Dr Oz: Star Jones Aortic Valve Heart Surgery

Dr Oz will be joined by Dr Bairey Merz, the Director of the Women’s Heart Center Cedars Sinai, to discuss a list of brand new Dr Oz Star JonesHeart Disease Risk Factors that nobody has told you about before.  Star Jones, who many of you know from the television show Celebrity Apprentice, had a gastric bypass surgery which everyone talks about.  But did you know that she also had open heart surgery to fix an Aortic Valve?  Dr Oz and Star Jones will talk about changes you can make that will save you from needing open heart surgery in the future.  Click here to read about Star Jones’ Open Heart Surgery and the heart problem most of us have never heard of: Dr Oz: Star Jones Aortic Valve Malfunction

Dr Oz: Motion Sickness

Dr Oz will also be speaking about motion sickness.  Do you know what causes you to get sick while driving in a car?  Do you know how to cure your motion sickness?  Doctor Oz will be sharing a bunch of secrets to help everyone feel comfortable in a moving car!

Dr Oz: Perry Romanowski Beauty Bonus

Dr Oz is going to do a segment called Beauty Bonus with Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist and author of “Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?”  Romanowski also blogs for The Beauty Brains and is going to give a bunch of secrets about Anti-Aging lotions and products.  Click here to read about beauty product mistakes we make all the time: Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction & Anti-Aging Lotions: Perry Romanowski Don’t forget to come back March 16, 2011 for a full recap of every segment of The Dr Oz Show!

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