Dr Oz: Nuts Cause Kidney Stones & Is It Too Late To Get a Flu Shot?


Dr Oz Recap March 4 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing the 5 things happy people do that you should, too! He explained why taking social media breaks is good for your happiness and challenged you to give out one compliment every single day to boost your Serotonin. Next, Dr. Oz issued a serious medical warning about the H1N1 virus and how it is killing young, healthy people. Learn the warning signs of the flu and decide which is better for you, the flu shot or the nasal spray, to prevent you from getting sick this year. Also, learn the truth about kidney stones and find out how to prevent them when Dr. Oz reveals the surprising health food that could be increasing your risk! Finally, Dr. Oz sits down with Jo Frost to discuss ways for Moms to feel heard as well as tips to bring harmony to your home.

Dr Oz: 5 Steps to Become a Happy Person & Social Media Breaks

Dr. Oz wants you to stop walking around feeling mad and sad all the time because he says it is time to get your “happy” back! Learn the 5 steps to bring happiness to your life while reducing your risk for heart disease and boosting your immunity.

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