Dr Oz: OMT Therapy for Back Pain & Healthy Onion Ring Recipe


Dr Oz Recap December 5 2013

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing no-pill pain solutions that really work! First, learn about OMT Therapy and how it can relieve your back pain better than medication. Also, find out why one surgeon believes most pain is in your head and how he believes you can become pain-free without meditation. If you have had Chicken Pox you may have heard of Shingles, which is a painful condition that causes a blistering rash. Learn about the vaccine that can actually reduce your risk for Shingles and prevent further breakouts in the future. Finally, get Dr. Oz’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet that includes food to ease your aches and pains and prevent health problems like high cholesterol and heart disease.

Dr Oz: Treat Knee Pain Without Medication — OMT Therapy & Pain Patch Review

Dr Oz: OMT Therapy for Back Pain & Healthy Onion Ring Recipe

Dr Oz says there are many ways to treat pain without medication, including OMT Therapy.

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