Dr Oz: Oregano Oil, Supermarket Scams & Clean Detox Diet Results


Best of Dr Oz: March 2013

Dr Oz shared tons of valuable information on his shows this week, from the many practical applications of Oregano Oil to the truth about supermarket scams like the food label calorie count. Plus, get results from Dr Oz’s detox plan and find out the real differences between men and women in this week’s Dr Oz highlights.

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Prevents Illness, Clears Up Acne & Kills Bacteria

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil, Supermarket Scams & Clean Detox Diet Results

Dr Oz featured advice about the use of Oregano Oil, supermarket scams involving food product nutrition labels, and amazing results from his Clean Detox diet.


  1. Marie Gray says

    Dear Dr. Oz,
    Recently on one of your shows, there was a recipe for Faux Sheppard’s Pie. I can’t seem to find it on this website. Please advise.

  2. Jan Smalstig says

    How can I find tips from viewers presented on the show? I was trying to find tips from the March 25th show. Thank you.

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