Dr Oz: Overprescribing Antidepressants & Can Adults Develop Allergies?


Dr Oz Recap April 3 2013

Dr. Oz began today’s show with a warning about antidepressants and the suicide risk they pose to children. He is deeply concerned that so many people are being misdiagnosed with depression or being prescribed medication for other health issues, so he sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to outline everything you need to know before you see your doctor. Also, find out why experts say this could be the worst allergy season ever and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from irritating allergy symptoms.

Dr Oz: Antidepressant Suicide Warning For Kids & Serotonin Imbalances

Dr. Oz sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss the overprescribing of antidepressants, often to people with health issues other than depression. They might not even work and research shows they could make you feel worse, so Dr. Oz has a warning you need to hear before your doctor writes you a prescription.

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