Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer, 10 Second Cancer Test & 5 Fastest Growing Cancers

By on September 20, 2011

Dr Oz: 5 Fastest Growing Cancers

Dr Oz’s Show on September 20 2011 is called “Your Biggest Cancer Risks, The Biggest Solutions: Stop The Fastest Growing Cancers Inside Of You Before Its Too Late.”  That title will surely scare just about anyone into watching this episode of Doctor Oz!  He will cover 5 of the Fastest Growing Cancers that doctors (including Dr Oz) fear most.  Plus he will talk about our biggest risks and solutions when it comes to Cancer.  Believe it or not, we actually can help to control our destiny and whether or not we get Cancer.  Our genes do not entirely dictate whether or not we will get Cancer, so Dr Oz will teach us how to tip the scale in our favor to avoid getting Cancer.   Doctor Oz will even go over a 10 Second Cancer Test that everyone must take.  All you need is a pencil, and it could definitely help to save your life.  Don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 20 2011 for a full recap of everything that Dr Oz discusses on this show.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer

Rumor has it that Dr Oz’s September 20 2011 show was originally going to be called The Cancer You’re Most Likely To Miss: Pancreatic Cancer.  So it is likely that Doctor Oz will spend a good portion of the show discussing Dr Oz 10 Second Cancer TestPancreatic Cancer.  Dr Oz has done several shows on Pancreatic Cancer, such as this one on Pancreatic Cancer & White Floating Poop.  One of the early signs of Pancreatic Cancer is that you start to have white poop that floats because a tumor blocks off your bile duct, making it impossible for bile to go into your poop (and bile is what turns your poop into a brownish color).  Since the pancreas usually breaks down fats in your system, if you have Pancreatic Cancer, your poop will often float because the fats do not get broken down and end up in your feces.  Some tips for preventing Pancreatic Cancer include not smoking, not drinking too much, and staying within the appropriate weight levels for your age, gender, and height.  I am sure that Dr Oz will share even more insights on his September 20th show!


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