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Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine

By on July 6, 2011

Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Oz’s Show on July 6, 2011 is all about Pancreatic Cancer.  Did you know that the top Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor is actually Diabetes?  Doctor Oz also spoke about the Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine along with some warning signs to help you catch “The Cancer That Doctors Fear Most” early.  The top warning signs include an upper abdominal pain that radiates to your back without any explanation, your skin turning Jaundice (a yellow-ish color), having pale stool that can even look like white clay, and / or having dark urine that can be as dark in color as cola or dark tea.  Dr Elizabeth Jaffee, founder of the Pancreas Cancer Vaccine, told Dr Oz that the Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine is a treatment for once you already have the form of cancer rather than a vaccine that helps you to prevent it.  In addition to Diabetes, some other Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors include smoking (which is always a big no-no!), family history, race (African Americans have an increased risk), and drinking soda (perhaps this is an extension on the Diabetes risk factor).

Dr Oz Serving Sizes

Dr Oz also did a segment on Weight Loss Serving Sizes.  Do you know the proper serving sizes for things like a muffin or a Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancerbaked potato?  You might be surprised!  Doctor Oz said that a Muffin Serving Size is around the size of a lemon, which is 2 ounces.  But the majority of stores now sell oversized muffins that are far larger than a lemon!  So instead of eating the whole thing, try cutting the muffin in half or into thirds.  The correct Baked Potato Serving Size is 5.5 ounces, which is around the size of your computer mouse.  And of course, sweet potatoes are a better substitution for regular white potatoes.  If you have never made baked sweet potatoes “fries” in the oven, you do not know what you are missing – delicious!

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