Dr Oz: Parasitic Infection Diagnosis + People’s Court Bunion Surgery

By on December 31, 2013

Dr Oz December 31 2013

Dr Oz invited Judge Marilyn Milian to talk about her experience with bunion surgery on December 31. Also, find out how you can track your symptoms if you think you might be affected by a parasitic infection. This episode also used food as topical medicine and shared advice for colds.

Dr Oz: Judge Marilyn Milian Bunion Surgery & The People’s Court

Dr Oz: Parasitic Infection Diagnosis + People's Court Bunion Surgery

Dr Oz explained risks and concerns of a Parasitic Infection, which can go undetected in the body and easily be misdiagnosed.

From¬†The People’s Court, Judge Marilyn Milian was on Dr Oz’s stage to talk about her decision to undergo bunion surgery and what people need to know before they make that decision. Is there a lot of recovery time? What are your other options?

Dr Oz: Bunion Risk Factors & Bunion Toe Strengthening Exercise

Dr Oz: Parsley Breath Freshener & Yogurt for Sunburns

We have heard of food as medicine in terms of the dietary benefits of certain nutrients. But did you ever guess that it could be used topically as well? Learn why yogurt is good for sunburns, how you can use parsley to make your breath minty fresh, and much more here:

Dr Oz: Shower Soother Bars for Sinus Congestion & Parsley Bad Breath

Dr Oz: Do You Have a Parasitic Infection Living Inside You?

Most people who have a parasitic infection do not even know they are afflicted. What causes this condition and how can you help your doctor get to the right diagnosis without giving up? Here’s what we learned on Dr Oz’s show:

Dr Oz: Parasite Infection Warning & What Causes Parasite Infections?

Dr Oz: Treatment Options & Parasitic Infection Symptoms

What can you do to treat your symptoms and finally be properly treated for a parasitic infection? Empower yourself with these resources and advice so you don’t have to struggle and suffer.

Dr Oz: Parasite Infection Symptoms & Parasite Treatment Options

Dr Oz: Football Concussion Risk, Ragweed + Elderberry Cold Benefits

What does Dr Oz think about the risk for a concussion while playing football? Also, find out about fall allergies like ragweed and why you should keep your medicine cabinet stocked with elderberry during cold season.

Dr Oz: Elderberry Extract Cold Remedy & Tips to Fight Fall Allergies

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: December 31 2013

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