Dr Oz: Paula Deen Low Fat Recipes

Dr Oz: Paula Dean Healthy Recipes

Dr Oz’s show on November 30, 2011 featured Paula Deen and she taught Doctor Oz how to make two of her famous recipes, but with a fraction of the fat.  For those of us who love Southern Cooking (and who doesn’t!), you can now make Paula Deen’s Fried Chicken Recipe, but without all of the excess fat and calories. Dr Oz Paula Dean  Several of you have already sent us messages about how much you love both the healthy Fried Chicken Recipe and the healthy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from the queen of southern cooking.  If you try either of her healthy recipes though, please leave a comment below and share with everyone your thoughts on how it comes out (and if you make any substitutions or changes, let us know that too!).

Dr Oz: Clubbed Nails & Dry Cuticles

Doctor Oz also did a segment on Fingernail Warning Signs, such as Dry Cuticles and Clubbing Nails.  Do you know what your fingernails could be telling you about your health?  For example, a dry cuticle can be a side effect of certain prescription medications.  How about white cracks around your fingernails?  That can be a sign of a zinc deficiency, or it can be caused by trauma.  And what about the clubbed nails?  This is indicative of a lack of oxygen in your fingers and toes.  You can tell that you have Clubbed Fingernails by holding together the nails on your two index fingers.  If you see a small space between the fingernails, then you have some clubbing.

Dr Oz: November 30 2011

Here are recaps of all of the segments on the Dr Oz Show for November 30 2011:


  1. Angela Reimer says

    I have not cooked the Macaroni and Cheese of Paula Deen’s as yet, but from my previous
    experience of cooking this, I must point out that the Macaroni should be boiled before
    baking. I noticed that someone did a taste test and commented that it came out dry and hard. This is obviously the reason why, it was omitted from the original recipe.
    Just from the ingredients, I just know this will be delicious.

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