Dr Oz: Peanut Butter Health Benefits & Chicken Soup Cures a Cold


Dr Oz Recap February 28 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with the stars of TLC’s The Little Couple to discuss their recent scare with cancer. Jen Arnold is doing fine now, but she tells Dr. Oz about the frightening diagnosis and shares why she chose a children’s hospital for her care and treatment. Next, Dr. Oz shares ways to lower your blood pressure without taking medication, including with a potassium-rich diet and trying electroacupuncture. Also, learn which clues your body is sending you about your health that you should never ignore, like severe lower back pain and eye puffiness. Finally, find out why a BRAT Diet is best for treating an upset stomach and get a few tasty recipes that all include healthy nut butters!

Dr Oz: The Little Couple’s Cancer Scare & What is a Molar Pregnancy?

Dr. Oz sits down with Jen Arnold and Bill Klein to discuss The Little Couple’s recent scare with cancer and the impact it had on their relationship. Learn why Jen chose to seek treatment at a children’s hospital instead of an adult one and find out how she is doing today.

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