Dr Oz: Pee & Poop – What Is Normal?


Dr Oz: Poop & Pee

Dr Oz’s Show today is about if your Pee and Poop are normal or not.  Doctor Oz sure does love to talk about Poop and Pee!  He did a segment on Poop Shape, and discussed a Pee Dipstick Test as well.  Then he went on to teach us about remedies for Pee and Poop “issues,” such as Diarrhea and Constipation.  Do you know what foods help to fight off and prevent these tummy trouble?  Well, Peppermint Tea is one home remedy!  Here is the full article about Diarrhea & Constipation Fighting Foods.

Dr Oz: Pepto Bismol Facial

Doctor Oz also discussed some fabulous Home Remedies for your skin and face. Dr Oz December 14 2011  I have tried the Pepto Bismol Face Mask and absolutely adore it… and several other people I know swear by the Manuka Honey Face Mask.  Have you tried any of these remedies?  Did you love them?  Hate them?  And if you have not tired them yet, do you plan on it?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Potato Eye Remedy

Dr Oz’s Home Remedies were plentiful today, which is always a welcome treat!  He spoke about getting rid of puffy eyes and undereye bags with things like potatoes and whole milk (Potatoes & Milk Remedy).  I have heard amazing things about using grated potatoes to make a compress to get rid of raccoon eyes.  You can read more about it here: Raccoon Eye Eraser.

Dr Oz December 14 2011:

Since today’s Dr Oz Show was a repeat, below are the links to the recaps of each segment from the original air date of this show (September 15 2011).  As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so please feel free to write it in the comment section below!  It would be especially fun if everyone left a comment below with their favorite Home Remedy, since today’s show shared quite a few of them!


  1. Diane Stopera says

    I got laid off in march and very seldom ever miss your show..You have soooo many things on each day and I learn something all the time..I used to love to watch you on Oprah-I’m soooo glad you have your own show…

  2. Michael Wader says

    It is a shame that yesterdays show could not have been replaced. As a Viet-Nam veteran-two combat tours-I refuse to watch any program that includes jane fonda. While I respect the right of Dr. Oz to choose his guest line-up be advised that the treachery of jane fonda still leaves a deep scar in the psyche of Nam combat vets. TREASON HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE.

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