Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse Exercise: June 23 2011


Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse

Dr Oz’s Show on June 23, 2011 is called Suffering in Silence: The Shame of Pelvic Prolapse.  Doctor Oz said that half of women will experience Pelvic Prolapse at some point in their life, but many women are too embarrassed to talk about it and might not even realize that they have it.  Pelvic Prolapse is when you lose support and your rectum, uterus or bladder can fall out through.  There are several options for treating Prolapse including a Pelvic Prolapse Surgery.

Dr Oz: Sinus Infection Remedy

Doctor Oz did another segment on a Garlic Sinus Infection Remedy, plus several other of America’s Funniest Home Remedies.  For example, one lady Dr Oz June 23 2011said that she has a Gas Blast Remedy where she drinks a glass of half orange juice and half milk and then does lunges to get rid of gas and bloating.  Dr Oz said that this does not work, and the milk could even make you more bloated, but the exercise portion is good!  Another woman told him that her Sinus Infection Remedy is to finely grind garlic in the blender and then to breathe the garlic in through her nostrils, which she follows with squirts of saline solution to clean out the garlic.  Dr Oz said that the garlic portion of this Sinus Infection Remedy probably does not do anything, but the saline solution is a great idea for helping to clear up sinus problems.

Dr Oz: Licorice Root Rosacea Remedy

Dr Oz also did a segment on Rosacea Remedies (click here for the full recap: Dr Oz Rosacea Remedy).  Rosacea is a response to inflammation in your body and is often caused by Hot Flashes in peri-menopausal or menopausal women.  Doctor Oz said that Licorice Root Extract reduces inflammation in your skin and is a popular Chinese Rosacea Remedy.  Also, green tea can help to cure the redness.


  1. magaly gaspar says

    Dr Oz congratulations on your program does not miss it see it on fox in Spanish life’m from Barranquilla, Colombia truth is that every day I learn more from you thanks for helping

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