Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse & Walnut Oil For Belly Fat


Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse Exercise

Dr Oz’s show on August 25, 2011 is called Suffering in Silence: The Shame of Pelvic Prolapse.  Many women suffer from Pelvic Prolapse and feel like they are the only one, but Doctor Oz said that the reality is that Pelvic Prolapse is more common than either Diabetes or Heart Disease.  So what is Pelvic Prolapse exactly?  It is basically when you lose your normal support and either your bladder, uterus, rectum or multiple of these organs fall through the opening at the base.  Unfortunately, 50% of women will experience Pelvic Prolapse to some degree at one point in their life.  There are a variety of ways to treat this medical issue, including a Pessary Ring that is placed inside of you to hold your organs up, as well as a surgical option.  Dr Oz also spoke about an alternative treatment that can help prevent Pelvic Prolapse – exercises of course!

Dr Oz: Walnut Oil For Belly Fat

Doctor Oz also did a segment on Healthy Fats that can improve your health or even reverse Dr Oz Healthy Fatsaging.  For example, Walnut Oil is extremely high in omega 3 fats so it makes you feel full and therefore can help you to lose your belly fat.  Coconut Oil is a great way to treat wrinkles and prevent your skin from sagging and getting thin.  And the final healthy fat that Dr Oz spoke about was Canola Oil which is great for avoiding developing a curve in your spine or Kyphosis, because Canola Oil makes it easier for your bones to absorb calcium.

Dr Oz August 25 2011

Here are the links to recaps of everything that Dr Oz spoke about on this August 25 2011 episode of the Doctor Oz Show:



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