Dr Oz: Pencil Cancer Test & 10 Second Cancer Test


Pencil Cancer Test

Dr Oz’s Show today is called “Your Biggest Cancer Risks, The Biggest Solutions: Stop The Fastest Growing Cancers Inside Of You Before Its Too Late.”  Doctor Oz did segments on Pancreatic Cancer, Brain Cancer and Esophageal Cancer.  But my favorite segment by far was the one on how to do a 10 Second Cancer Test (also called the Pencil Cancer Test).  There is a simple ABCDE Guide that can help you detect Skin Cancer early.  A stands for Asymmetrical, B stands for a border with fuzzy edges, C stands for the color, D stands for the diameter and E stands for every year on your birthday.  If you want to read the full details of how to do this Pencil Cancer Test, click on the following link: 10 Second Cancer Test.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Oz spoke about Pancreatic Warning Signs, which include the following:


  1. Howard Cohen says

    One type of cancer you did not address were the blood cancers (i.e. leukemia,etc.). I would love to know the warning signs of my own diagnosed condition, CML. It seemed to come on with completely sudden onset. The diagnosis followed a routine blood test by my primary care physician that resulted in an extremely elevated platelet count (around 1800) and a subsequent referral to an oncologist. Prior to that blood work, everything was always commpletely normal.

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