Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Health Benefits & Does Basil Help Reduce Stress?


Dr Oz Recap March 29 2013

Dr. Oz outlined the most effective energy boosters to help you through any slump, including a simple recipe for homemade energy bars. He also shared the best advice for anti-aging and which antioxidants will add years to your life, improve your eyesight and even help you lose weight. Are you ready to feel younger and have more energy to get through your day? Keep reading to get started right now!

Dr Oz: No-Bake Energy Bar Recipe, Rhodiola & Oatstraw Extract Reviews

Dr. Oz explored products you can add to your diet that will give you more energy! Dr. Oz even revealed his personal choice for a supplement that will leave you feeling energized. Do you have any idea what it might be? Keep reading to see if you guessed correctly!

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