Dr Oz: Pepsi Removes Flame Retardants from Gatorade + Weight Loss Success


Dr Oz Recap December 19 2013

Today’s Dr. Oz Show was dedicated to you and celebrating the amazing accomplishments you have achieved over the years! Dr. Oz celebrated his 5th anniversary by looking back at some of his most controversial shows, including the one where he demanded the FDA set stricter rules for arsenic in apple juice. He then moved on to talking with past guests about how they are doing now and started with one who is very special to him, Sian Green, the British tourist who was hit by a taxi this past summer in New York City. Next, Dr. Oz talked to past guests who battled with Anorexia and overcame the eating disorder and now help others do the same. Finally, Dr. Oz heard from viewers who recognized the warning signs of Ovarian Cancer and a Heart Attack thanks to his show. They are both alive today because they knew what to look for and did not ignore the symptoms. Finally, “Truth Tube” transformations and a weight loss success story!

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice + Kraft Mac & Cheese Removes Dyes

Dr. Oz discussed past shows that brought about change to improve the health of you and your family. He talked about how your demand for information and change brought about new rules from the FDA for arsenic in apple juice and how one 16-year old girl created a petition that led to Pepsi removing flame retardants from their Gatorade Sports Drinks!

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