Dr Oz: No-Pill Pain Treatment Options & What is OMT Therapy?


Dr Oz Recap April 16 2014

Dr. Oz kicked off today’s show by providing no-pill pain remedies that work! Find out how OMT Therapy can ease your back pain more effectively than medication. Plus, learn why one doctor argues that most pain is in your head and why he thinks you can live pain-free without drugs. If you had Chicken Pox as a child you may know about Shingles, which is a uncomfortable illness that causes a rash with blisters. Find out how the vaccine can dramatically reduce your risk for Shingles and prevent future infections. Lastly, get Dr. Oz’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet that offers foods to alleviate your aches and pains and fight high cholesterol and heart disease!

Dr Oz: Treat Knee Pain Without Medication — What is OMT Therapy?

Dr Oz OMT Therapy for Pain

Dr Oz talked about OMT therapy, which a no-pill option to ease your pain.

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