Dr Oz: Plantain Salve Reduces Stress & Olive Oil Ice Cream Topping


Dr Oz Recap November 20 2012

Today’s Dr. Oz show was devoted to Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Energy Boosting Plan. Tim Ferriss is the author of the book The 4-Hour Chef and he came to the show with some of his best advice to help you lose weight and have more energy through diet and exercise. Tim shared an interesting recipe for edible dirt and another for a healthy alternative to fried chicken. He also shared several tips to help you master healthy cooking in a short amount of time.

Dr Oz: Tim Ferriss 30/30 Rule

Tim Ferriss says that if you follow his 30/30 Protein Rule you will not only have more energy, but you will lose weight as well. He shared his recipe for edible dirt, which some people might be a little unsure of, but Dr. Oz found it to be rather delicious.

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