Dr Oz Popcorn Recipe & Oprah’s OWN 2012


Dr Oz Oprah’s OWN 2012

The Dr Oz Show on January 2, 2012 is about Oprah’s Next Chapter Show on OWN.  Doctor Oz interviewed Oprah about her new venture.  Up until now, I have never been terribly impressed by Oprah’s OWN Channel, but perhaps I picked the wrong shows to “tune-in” to.  What are your favorite shows on Oprah’s OWN Channel?  And are there any shows you are looking forward to in 2012?  Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!  And click on the following link to read more about Dr Oz’s interview of Oprah: Oprah Transform Your Life.

Dr Oz Popcorn Recipe

One of my favorite segments from today’s Dr Oz Show was about how to lose 10% of your body weight.



  1. diane says

    Oprah’s channel: I have only watched a few, since I really don’t enjoy her channel.
    I was so surprised how boring the whole channel is……..
    The shopping bags, and The devil you know…..is about the only thing i watch.
    the rest…..is repeats of her old shows,,,,,,,using her famous friends…….from her shows.
    I thought it would have been something better.
    very disappointed.
    I now dread hearing Oprah !!! she sounds like a broken record and now DR> OZ, too.
    they both sound desperate to keep their shows alive

  2. says

    I have watched OWN.some shows I feally enjoy!I get a chance to see.”The Boss”episodes I’ve missed. I like Rosie a few movies haven’t been my cup of tea.people have to give OWN a chance!let’s see what2012 brings on OWN.AND,DrOz isn’t desperate for audiences,we are there!

  3. says

    I will say,Oprah,that people want to see more than you sitting giving life coaching,altho,it is a nice segment-inspiring and food for thought.However,seeing Oprah,talk,visit as she did Jan 1 2012 with Steve Tyler was great!seeing you Oprah interacting with people is a good start!! Looking forward for more of thatnand more interesting people on Rosie’s segment too.

  4. says

    My friend told me about a wonderful Choc pie…Alton Brown’s Choc pie…she got from your show. I have tried to find it, but have been unsuccessful. Can you please provide the link or the recipe?

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