Dr Oz: Prevent Menstrual Headaches & What is a Rebound Headache?


Dr Oz Recap July 22 2013

Today’s episode of Dr. Oz was dedicated to providing you with solutions to slow down the aging process and prevent the most common headaches. Dr. Oz also explained the headache warning signs you must never ignore because it could literally save your life. Learn which foods prevent menstrual headaches and why you should avoid over-the-counter medication as much as possible when treating a headache.

Dr Oz: What Are Telomeres? How To Slow Down the Aging Process

Have you ever heard of a Telomere? Today is the day to learn what they are and how they affect your body’s aging process. Dr. Oz explained why these little chromosome “protectors” are so important as well as what you can do live a longer life.

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