Dr Oz: Prevent Stomach Upset When Taking Aspirin + Aspirin Cream Review


Dr Oz Recap October 7 2013

Dr. Oz sat down with Robin Quivers to talk about her recent battle with cancer and why she felt the need to keep it a secret for over a year. Find out what she did to take charge of her health and learn how she is doing today! Next, Dr. Oz talked about the miracle pill that many of us already have in our medicine cabinets. He revealed how to use Aspirin to treat your pain, from headaches to muscle soreness, learn the best way to alleviate your pain with Aspirin. Dr. Oz then provided the information to accurately diagnose a headache so you can treat it without taking a pill, for example did you know you can prevent and treat sinus headaches by using a Neti Pot? Finally, get the best solutions to reduce the swelling caused by surges in estrogen during your monthly cycle!

Dr Oz: How Robin Quivers Beat Cancer with Howard Stern’s Support

Robin Quivers beat cancer with Howard Stern’s support and by eating a vegan diet. Dr. Oz says her healthy diet is the reason she was able to beat cancer.

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