Dr Oz: Psychic Medium John Edward: Are They The New Therapists?


Dr Oz’s show on Tuesday March 15, 2011 is called Psychic Mediums: Are They The New Therapists? Can talking to your loved ones who died heal your grief? John Edward, a Psychic Medium, is joining Doctor Oz to try and prove that he can talk to the dead. Does it work? Can Psychic Mediums really talk to the dead? You decide! Visit wellbuzz.com March 15, 2011 for a full recap of this episode, but for now, this is what I was able to dig up for all of us.  UPDATE: here are links to the recaps:

Dr Oz: John Edward Psychic Medium

John Edward says that he can connect with dead people, which can be very helpful and therapeutic for people trying to Dr Oz Psychic Mediumscope with the loss of a loved one. Edward is going to do readings for a few people live on the Dr Oz Show, and TV Guide Magazine said that Doctor Oz said ” Let me tell you, it changed my life! It was the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had — and I’ve seen and done a lot!” When asked what was so remarkable about John Edward, Dr Oz replied that he is very specific in his responses. Checkout this quote from Doctor Oz:


  1. Airby says

    what were the three step john edwards said to do to try to comunicate with ur passed loved ones yourself? I missed that part?

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