Dr Oz: Pumpkin Puree Recipe for Immunity & Life Path Number Calculator


Dr Oz Highlights: October 2012

Dr Oz spent the week teaching you how to streamline your diet. From his energy drink recommendations to the foods you can eat to protect yourself against disease naturally, Dr Oz was jam packed with useful information. Check out his Pumpkin Puree recipe and see where you fall on the food sensitivity scale.

Dr Oz Pumpkin Puree Recipe & Immunity Booster Foods

Culinary medicine expert Dr John La Puma hung out with Dr Oz this week to show off some natural foods you can eat to boost the body’s immunities and fight disease. Check out Dr Oz’s Pumpkin Puree recipe, which you can make in your microwave in less than the time it takes to read the directions.



  1. Sally says

    My husband said you told on your show to buy pumpkin by the can and eat some everyday for diabetics. I can’t find it on your site. How much should eat daily?


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