Dr Oz: Rachael Ray’s Healthy Summer Cocktails & BBQ Ribs Recipe


Dr Oz Recap May 21 2013

Dr. Oz revealed the biggest germ spots throughout your entire home, but especially in your kitchen and bathroom. He showed you how to properly clean your kitchen blender and shared how often you should replace your kitchen sponge to prevent bacteria from growing. Also, find out why your toothbrush might contain more bacteria than any other surface in your bathroom and why it is important to close the toilet before you flush! Rachael Ray stopped by to share healthy versions of your favorite summertime recipes, including potato salad and BBQ Ribs.

Dr Oz: How to Clean a Kitchen Sponge, Coffee Maker, & Blender

Dr Oz: Rachael Ray's Healthy Summer Cocktails & BBQ Ribs Recipe

Rachael Ray shared a recipe for healthy BBQ Ribs that includes a low-calorie sauce that is packed with flavor and good for you, too!

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