Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Diabetes Battle & Hungry Girl Holiday Recipes


Dr Oz Recap December 10 2012

Dr. Oz began his show today with a candid conversation American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. They spoke about the Randy Jackson diabetes battle, his gastric bypass surgery, and what he is doing now to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Next, Dr. Oz welcomed back Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, who brought along some of her best naughty to nice fast food recipes as well as some cocktail recipes that you an sip totally guilt-free at your next holiday party. He finished up by answering some your pressing questions about what foods are okay to eat and some fun dance moves to help you burn some holiday calories.

Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Diabetes Battle & Gastric Bypass Surgery

Cutting Mold From Food

Dr. Oz says that it is okay to cut mold from food like hard cheese because the mold cannot penetrate like it can in softer foods, like bread and yogurt.

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