Dr Oz: Red Cabbage Health Benefits + Is it Okay to Share Deodorant?


Dr Oz Recap December 3 2013

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with his friend, and your favorite alternative medicine expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. They discussed health scares, from the safety of airport body scanners to whether you should use toothpaste with fluoride in it or not. Next, Dr. Weil shared his alternative health all-stars, including red cabbage and a CoQ10 supplement. Dr. Oz then turned his attention to all the people pleasers out there as he offered advice and tips to say “no” more often, so you can put your health first and reduce your risk for cancer. Finally, learn what two foods can help you reduce your stress and boost your brainpower!

Dr Oz: Fluoride Toothpaste Recommendation + Are Airport Scanners Safe?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil discussed the potential health risks involved with walking through airport body scanners and using Wi-Fi devices on a regular basis. Dr. Weil also shared his toothpaste recommendation and it might just surprise you!

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