Dr Oz: Why Redheads Require More Anesthesia + The Best Place to Take a Nap


Dr Oz Recap January 31 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting with Stacy, a 56-pound anorexic woman in desperate need of professional help. Dr Oz expressed his deep concerns for her life due the health issues caused by her eating disorder. Find out if she will take the help that Dr. Oz offers! Next, Dr. Mark Hyman talks about his controversial belief that milk is actually bad for you and could even increase your risk for certain cancers. Also, if you one of the millions of women who suffer in silence with a leaky bladder, Dr. Oz has solutions for this awkward and embarrassing health issue. Plus, find out if acid is really bad for your skin or if it could be the secret ingredient to eliminate wrinkles, moisturize your skin, and clear up acne once and for all! Finally, Dr. Oz explains how your hair color can determine future health issues and he offers tips for taking a power nap to wake up feeling energized!

Dr Oz: Extreme Anorexia & Magnolia Creek Treatment Center

Dr. Oz sits down for an emotional conversation with a woman who weighs just 56 pounds due to her extreme anorexia. Find out why Dr. Oz is afraid for her life and see if she takes him up on his offer to enter into a treatment facility for her eating disorder.

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