Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks Review & Curtis Stone’s Slow-Cooked Chicken


Dr Oz Recap April 12 2013

Dr. Oz and his guests discussed the new relaxation drinks that promise to reduce your stress and help you unwind at the end of a long day, but do they really work? Find out what a Consumer Reports study revealed as well as what Dr. Oz recommends if you want to try relaxation drinks to calm yourself down. For the first time ever Chef Curtis Stone visited the Dr. Oz Show to share his best advice for cooking healthy meals on a budget as well as his must-have kitchen tools!

Dr Oz Relaxation Drink Ingredients & Do Relaxation Drinks Really Work?

Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks Review & Curtis Stone's Slow-Cooked Chicken

Chef Curtis Stone shared meal planning tips and his slow-cooked Thai chicken recipe.

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