Dr Oz: Rescue Remedy Review & Clean Food Detox To Lose 10 Pounds


Dr Oz January 28 2013

On his show January 28 2013, Dr. Oz shared the Clean Detox Program that will help you get healthy and lose 10 pounds this month without feeling deprived. He and Dr. Alejandro Junger listed the foods you need to avoid along with the ones that are okay to eat, plus they included several recipes to help you get started! Dr. Oz also shared his Homeopathic Starter Kit so you can begin taking care of yourself and your family with products that are safer and gentler on your body.

Dr Oz: Detox Plan To Lose 10 Pounds & Dr Alejandro Junger Clean Review

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger discussed Dr. Junger’s Clean Detox Program designed to help you improve digestion and lose 10 pounds this month. They outlined the foods you need to avoid while going through the detox as well as the many foods that you can eat while on the plan. Dr. Junger promises you will not feel deprived and you will begin to see and feel results almost immediately!

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